The  Ruth Sisters' EMPTISTORY Visionary Mentors

Chancellor, His Excellence, the Right Honorable Dr. Philip Phin OEA
Spiritual Head Word of Life Ministries International
Spiritual Father Ruth Sisters' Fellowship International

Ambassador Dr. Ada Okika
Rector, Ruth Sisters' Fellowship Intl

Evangelist Jennifer Williams
Advisor, Ruth Sisters' Fellowship Intl

Bishop Dr Darlington Onajite
Advisory Board



Her Eminence Archbishop Ambassador Dr Mary Floyd Palmer

Permanet Representative of RSFI to the UN

H. E Ambassador Dr. Devon Banister
Advisory Board

Dr Nadine Joseph



The Ruth Sisters Fellowship International activities and programs are rooted on EMPTISTORY, utilizing spiritual stories, sisterhood stories on Christian life, learning from stories of Christian models to overcome our spiritual emptiness and become the true instrument of God and ambassadors of the gospel.

 EMPTISTORY Conference, Seminars and Education: This is held twice a year to provide expert knowledge education to members and other women in ministry.

Weekly EMPTISTORY Fellowship and Corporate Prayers: This is held every Sunday to keep us up with the word of God and knowledge about the kingdom race.


Patience - Evang. Toyin Fatunsin

RUTH SISTE on June 28th

Fellowship on 31st May

Ruth Sisters Fellowship June 21st

Ruth Sisters Fellowship June 14th

Ruth Sisters Fellowship 24th May


EMPTISTORY Fellowship Monthly Interactive Sharing

Ruth Sisters utilize this to celebrate fellow sisters, hold fellowship prayers for them on their birthdays.

EMPTISTORY Fellowship and Shared Forum/Biannual Prayer Breakfast Meeting
This is held every six months as a fund rising to support Ruth Sisters Barley Project

Annual Gathering 3-Rs Retreat (Ruth Return to Royalty)
This is Ruth Sisters' Prayer Retreat for Board of Directors and all members held every     first weekend of February at a camp. Prayer Request, Submission to God for the year. The Retreat ends with corporate anointing services and rededication. 

Ruth Sisters Fellowship International Institute 
This is held in partnership with CICA International University and Seminary for a certificate course.