Gender Character

The story of Ruth and Naomi is the strength of this fellowship. God has defined purpose for women, yet the thorns of life, the recognition of our beauty as women, the societal status has led us to complete emptiness leading to total loss with life either through famine, dejection/loneliness, emotional disorder, lack of commitment to sacrifices, support, determination and self-effort, helplessness and optimism. The Ruth Sisters Fellowship International is a rebirth on gender character for generation. The Ruth Sisters Education is hoped to bring us women, sisters into one fold with God through education on Gender Character.

Participation at the United Nations Commission on Status of Women:

Ruth Sisters Education will educate members on the gender and diplomatic education through the word. The Book of Esther is a great resource for women on gender and diplomatic education. Esther Diplomatic Model education will help equip women in ministry on right choice of words, character and commitment to things abo God.

The Ruth Sisters Education will focus on

  • Gender Character
  • Gender Diplomatic Model Education
  • Women in the Bible Series
  • Gender Recognition and Honorary Degree Education